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Domino Deeds

 Pay it Forward initiative

Artist and founder Jim Fussel donates his paintings to charities and organizations for free, he hopes that people who recieve his work will pay it forward in kind.

When a recipient receives their Fussell painting and does a good deed, they are encouraged to share their experience on the Domino Deeds social media accounts. 

Jim Fussell’s Work

Changing Lives One Painting At A Time

Jim has donated 9000 paintings to  hundreds of different charitable causes throughout 30 of the past 42 years of his incarceration. Some of the organizations are Pets for Vets, The Down Syndrome Association, Project X for Autism, Children’s homes, battered women’s shelters, children’s hospitals, Grace Homes in India, Appian Way in Louisiana, Gospel Hill Ministry, nursing homes, Memory Lane for alzheimer/dementia patients the list goes on.

Money raised from the auctions goes to fund the various charities and programs directly impacting those in need. 

A message from Jim Fussell

I started Domino Deeds in 2009 as a way to help heal and give back to the community. I am a self-taught artist and the Founder of Domino Deeds, an organization based on the pay it forward initiative.  I have donated over 9000 paintings to silent auctions for Pets for Vets, The Down Syndrome Association, Project X for Autism, Children’s homes, Battered Women’s Shelters, Children’s Hospitals, Grace Homes in India, Appian Way in Louisiana, Gospel Hill Ministry, the list goes on. Money raised from the auctions goes to fund the various charities and programs directly impacting those in need. I hope that you will join me in spreading random acts of kindness. 

Videos, Interviews, Blogs

Jim is a constant contributor on many platforms, helping to shed light on issues that deal with criminal justice reform and prison issues.  Here you will find all of his interviews and videos.

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The Art Of Healing

Please accept my gratitude for taking the time to read this. I am Jim Fussell, a self taught artist. I have been involved in over nine thousand different charitable causes the past thirty of the past 42 years of my incarceration. Reaching out to help those in need is a very therapeutic step, especially for someone who caused so much damage before entering prison. It helps to being about change, empathy, self reflection and to feel others pain, despair, helplessness.

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Who Is Jim Fussell

Jim Fussell was convicted of two counts of aggravated murder in 1978 and ordered to serve two consecutive prison terms of 20 years to life. Jim has been incarcerated for 42 years, he is 63 years old.

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Designed Conviction

Jim is a Featured Artist and Contributor of Designed Conviction.  Designed Conviction offers professional Creative Design, Web Design, and other creative services to give a voice to and promote the rehabilitation of incarcerated/formerly incarcerated individuals.

Featured Post

Parole Board Contact Info

Parole Board Contact Info

JUNE 28, 2021From: Jim FussellA154-973 To: All Social Media Followers Ref: Parole Board Contact Info Hello, Several have asked how they can reach out to the Ohio Parole Board to submit emails on my behalf, to request that the parole board grant parole to me. You can...

Art Gallery

I learned how to paint by watching Bob Ross on PBS. He made it look easy, with his happy little accidents. Over the years my technique has improved. I invite you to brows the gallery, I hope you will enjoy my landscapes.

News & Updates 

Building Bridges of Opportunity

Hello.Have you heard of "Building Bridges of Opportunity"? It is a Tuesday Talks Series with ODRC (Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Corrections). On March 9th at 6:00 p.m. they will conduct a ZOOM about parole. The ODRC will provide one of the experts to...


A new avenue has opened for communication/thoughts/ideas/concerns. I invite each of you to go to TWITTER I hope this platform will unable all of us to share anything/everything. Please be patient as I try to understand & navigate...

The Consortium of Hope

January 25, 2021 To: National Leaders, State Leaders, Parole Officials, Director of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction, and society as a whole. Topic: Reform, Reentry Proposal"The Consortium of Hope" Goal: Drastically reduce recidivism rate. From: Jim...


Having trained seeing eye dogs for six years back in early 2000 thru 2006, I have gained a different perspective on just what a sightless person must go thru. It is definitely no picnic and I am in awe at how they manage.

Resurrection Of Wildlife Satellite Center

Domino Deeds Lends A Hand November 17, 2020 By: Jim Fussell Hello everyone. I have been in talks with a representative of a wildlife rescue organization here in Ohio. The wildlife reserve has hundreds of acres I am told, fenced and posted where hunters are not...

It Has A Name, Not Cancer

Well yesterday I was summoned to the doctor’s office and he told me it is NOT cancer. Now I had not even thought it could be any kind of cancer, have never heard of anyone having cancer on their hands.

Painting Resumes

Few people knew that I have been out of commission, regarding my ability to paint, for the past six months. Today I broke out the paints and worked on two paintings, both winter scenes, hopeful the cool scene would make the temperature surrounding me, seem cooler.


Getting a release is similar to hitting a multimillion-dollar lottery. If I ever become so lucky, I know in my heart that I will be a success story and I will do only good things.

What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander

What’s good for the goose is good for the Jim Fussell August 9, 2020 Over the years I have been in repeated contact with Ohio Legislators, including Senators, Speakers, Congressmen and Congresswomen, State Representatives, etc, Regarding Ohio laws and the...

Avoiding The Criminal Path

I have no problem using myself as a example. My past is full of misdeeds and if someone has a specific concern that I myself have never experience, I have fellow cons that have walked in your shoes and I can pick their brain to see just what made them tick.

Jim Fussell: My Story

Over the years many people have asked about my early years, before my involvement with the law. This is my first public response to that question.

Just So You Know

Many people in society often are confused by the secret inner workings of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Corrections. It is not like there is a operator’s manual to refer to, or any expert to explain the concept. Not always are their consistent steps. Many are confused, especially with terminologies used by ODRC.