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Have you heard of “Building Bridges of Opportunity”? It is a Tuesday Talks Series with ODRC (Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Corrections).

On March 9th at 6:00 p.m. they will conduct a ZOOM about parole. The ODRC will provide one of the experts to conduct this Zoom with participants.

Please contact Darryl Graves at [email protected] or check the ODRC website to get the site address to register. You must be registered in advance to participate in these series.

I have contacted Mr. Graves, asking him to consider including presently incarcerated people in the conversations.

I invited him to monitor the new twitter site, JimFussellDD since it covers a lot of issues.

I invite each of you to get involved, let your voices be heard. Wishing everyone the best.
Jim Fussell
Domino Deeds